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Hot water circulation pump (Wilo) - R 1 520.00 Incl.

This circulation pump circulates the hot water from a standard geyser throught the heat collector on the roof. Operates from 220VAc.


Solar Geyser Controller SR81 - R 1 485.00 Incl.

Solar Geyser controller SR609 - R 1 080.00 Incl.

This controller monitors the water temperature in the geyser and/or collector. It controlls the circulation pump and/or backup electrical element.

Controller Manual SR868C6.pdf

Controller Manual SR609.pdf

Hot Water booster pump (1 Bar) - R 1 510.00 Incl

This booster pump is used on graffity feed geysers to boost the hot water pressure with 1 Bar. Operates from 220VAc.

Circulation Booster Pump Manual.pdf

Heat temper valve - R770.00 Incl.

This is a mechanical mixing valve and is installed on the hot water outlet of the solar geyser to limit the maximum output temperature. It mixes the incoming hot water with cold water so that the output water temperature is according to the set temperature on the valve.

1.5 Kw element with Thermostat - R 380.00 Incl.


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